Making money MMO is a phrase that is mentioned a lot today when it helps many people to have a good income without going to the office. According to the Economic Welfare of U.S. Households 2021, released in May 2022 by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, about 16% of adults are employed. A side job during the month to earn extra income.

If you want to make money, you are not alone. Take a look at the strategies below.

What is MMO monetization?

MMO stands for Make Money Online, understood as making money on an online platform. With this way of making money, you will need to use a computer, laptop, or phone with an internet connection to do the work on the online platform.

Instructions on how to make money MMO

5 easiest ways to make money online for inexperienced people

1. Online survey

  • Setup time: Just a few minutes to create an account
  • Age: 13+, depending on the specific site and survey
  • Payment Time: Depends on the minimum withdrawable amount

You can use your spare time to complete online surveys and earn money because many businesses pay this to research the market and analyze consumer behavior.

* Limit:

  • However, each survey will target a specific audience (age, gender, occupation, v.v). Therefore, not everyone can participate.
  • Low income, about 0.5 – 3 USD / survey.
  • Meet the minimum income required to withdraw money (usually 10-25 USD).

If you have free time, you can still try to make money online by taking surveys through popular sites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Harris Poll Online, and QuickRewards, v.v.

2. Test Games, Apps

  • Setup time: Several minutes to several hours, depending on the length of the game
  • Age: 18+
  • Payment period: A few days to a few months after completing the game or the beta version of the game

2021 is the year the video game industry is worth $178.73 billion – a 14.4% increase from 2020 and the largest share of the global digital media market. Therefore, the opportunity to earn MMO money with games and apps appears like game Mistplay, Global Beta Test Network, Giving…

* Limit:

Many platforms use this method as a front for scams to steal personal information and bank accounts. Therefore, you need to check carefully before participating.

3. Test Websites and Feedback

  • Setup time: minutes; users need to register and take a quick practice test
  • Age: 16+, depending on the website
  • Payment time: 1-2 weeks after the test

If you have a keen eye for web design and programming, this is a way to make money online that is worth a try.

For example, UserTesting offers 4-120 USD/test; you can refer to many other markets, such as Ubertesters, Userbrain, Testbirds, Userlytics, and Trymata.

4. Selling second-hand goods

  • Setup time: a few hours; users need to register on the website, take a product photo and create a product listing
  • Age: 18+
  • Payment time: 1 week/time or ten days/time

Not only is this an effective way to make money online, but it’s also a great motivator to clean out your closet and save money.

One of the most popular second-hand categories is clothing, which is predicted to reach $77 billion by 2026.

Online market selling used clothes and accessories such as thredUP, Depop. Besides, you can sell other items on online sites like eBay, Gadget Salvation,, Reverb, and Fat Llama.

5. Voiceover

  • Setup time: several hours, need recording device and software in addition to registration on websites
  • Age: 18+
  • Payment time: 10 days after project completion, monthly, or weekly depending on the platform

Ways to make long-term MMO money

The above ways of making money online can generate an income for you, but it is a short-term, stable source of income. If you’re serious about investing in a long-term MMO strategy, check out the following:

1. Find a Freelance job

Freelance (freelance work) is the dream of many people because this job can be chosen by customers, choose the time and place to work as you like. There are more than 50 million freelancers in the United States. To be able to freelance, you need to find your strengths and hone many soft skills.

The most requested freelance jobs are design, web programming, translation, content creation, etc.

Famous and reputable platforms for freelancers you can refer to: Upwork, Freelancer, Guru.

2. Make MMO money from blogging.

If you are passionate about writing, you must recognize these great online money-making opportunities. Pick a topic you know and love, and start creating valuable blog content. When attracting enough visitors to your blog, you can make money by the following methods:

  • Advertising (Google Adsense)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Get bookings from brands
  • Directly sell products

Find the right niche and build your audience with consistent, quality content for a profitable quality blog. Besides, marketing strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are also essential.

3. Publishing an eBook

With the growing trend of reading e-books, this is also an excellent opportunity for beginners. Because it does not cost printing or shipping, all you need to do is submit your article to a self-publishing platform.
There are two types of publishing companies: retailers (selling books directly to customers) and agencies (distributing books to agents).

Revenue from e-books will depend on the policy of the publishing company. For example, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing pays up to 70% royalties on books sold on the Kindle store. In addition, you can refer to other publishers such as Barnes & Noble Press, Kobo Writing Life, Apple Books for Authors, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, v.v.

Alternatively, you can also sell valuable eBook sets yourself. To do this, build your brand first and take the time to share your free material on funneling social media.

4. Create an online course

The global eLearning market will reach nearly 400 billion USD by 2026. If you are competent in a specific field, you can ultimately create online courses in this era.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the classic way to make money for those who want a passive income source. It even helps thousands of content creators make massive money with complete freedom of time and space.

Learn about affiliate marketing in full!

6. Dropshipping

Belonging to a B2C business model, Dropshipping is where people sell products through an online store, in which the supplier acts as a third party to process and fulfill orders. You only need to perform product promotion activities to create demand; a third party will handle the rest, and buyers will only know they buy from you.

This business form has a significant advantage in investing capital and handling transportation and inventory.

Some platforms help you connect with suppliers, such as Spocket, Modalyst, and SaleHoo, v.v.

I hope the article has answered for you what MMO is. Wishing you a breakthrough income generation and soon towards financial freedom!