Author: Tuyết Mai

Multibrowser software supports managing multiple Gmail accounts effectively with Multibrowser

The secret to managing multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously

Gmail is a free email client provided by Google. On average, each person will have at least 1 Gmail account to serve work or log in to necessary social networking platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. However, Gmail accounts…

Why is the account suspended or suspended for any reason?

Why is the Google Adwords account suspended, and how to fix it?

A Suspended Google Adwords account adversely affects the work and business performance of the business when interrupting the advertising campaign. So how to fix and limit the suspension of your account in Google Adwords advertising? Let's find out through the…

Multibrowser software – an effective tool to manage multiple advertising accounts

How to sell through multiple Facebook advertising accounts effectively?

Advertising products and services on social networks are widespread to reach customers more effectively, especially on Facebook. Therefore, the seller's primary concern is to use multiple Facebook ad accounts effectively to get the right users while ensuring that they do not violate…

Ad account deactivated Facebook

Ad account deactivated Facebook | What causes? How to fix?

The problem of ad account deactivated Facebook is no longer a rare thing. Due to many reasons, your account "evaporated" from this social networking platform. So what causes the Facebook ad account to be disabled? Follow the article to get…

Manage multiple facebook accounts

How to create and manage multiple Facebook ad accounts

The restricted or locked account is probably a headache for businesses and advertising people. Facebook advertising is the leading trend in promoting online business in the 21st century. Most companies choose to advertise if they want to reach the right…

What is browser fingerprint

What is Browser Fingerprinting? How does it work? How to block it?

Have you ever heard of the Browser Fingerprint feature? It's okay if you don't know because most people rarely talk about it. Browser Fingerprinting is a highly accurate method to identify browsers and track online activity uniquely. However, there is…